5 tips to choose the best gift for your anniversary

Your anniversary is coming and you don't have any idea where to start. We're here to help with some tips to surprise them with an amazing jewelry gift this year!

The celebration of an anniversary is a very important moment in the life of a couple, as it’s the day they celebrate their union. Whether they are in their first year together, or it´s the diamond wedding anniversary, it´s an occasion that deserves special attention to show the other person how happy the relationship makes you.

That’s why, the days leading up to this event are usually dedicated to doing some research on ideas that can help to make this day different and worth remembering, and we must admit that with the passing of the years, the challenge increases.

But there is no reason for you to be stressed out, we are here to help. If at this moment you don’t have the slightest idea where to start, we have brought to you some tips so that you can get the dream gift for that day. Spoiler alert: they all have an ingredient in common that we consider to be bulletproof... Diamonds.

Break the rules

Although each anniversary has its material or stone, and many couples maintain the custom of exchanging gifts following this concept, you can dare to do something spontaneous this year or include additional present.

For instance, if this is your first wedding anniversary, the paper wedding, you can play with the idea of ​​wrapping this material but hiding a jewel that they can wear every day. Like daily earrings or a minimalist ring.

These black diamond earrings are a cute option because they are designed to be worn every day. You can combine them with any outfit and it’s a jewel that, because it is created in 18k white gold and natural diamonds, they’ll keep forever.

The earrings also have another characteristic that makes them a very good gift option, and that is that even those who are not used to wearing jewelry need a pair of basic earrings to use on a daily basis.

A present with meaning

If you are familiar with our firm, you must know that we are fans of giving meaning to all gifts, because we have this romantic idea that it adds value and makes the person receiving it feel special, which should be the main objective.

Luckily, jewelry since its creation hundreds of years ago has maintained the intention of creating pieces with meaning. Although over the years this tradition has been replaced by fashion trends and leaned to be artistic, we think it is still possible to give a concept to some jewels and manage to send the message "this made me think of you”, Besides you cannot deny it, it is very sweet!

Taking this into account, we thought of two styles of rings with classic meanings that you can choose for this day:

Eternity rings

For anniversary gifts, the eternity ring is one of our favorites. Why? Because of the combination of its meaning “forever” and that it’s a design that can be used with any other jewel, including the engagement ring.

One of the disadvantages of this ring design is that the diamonds surround its entire circumference and with the constant impact with everyday objects, the stones tend to loosen and have to be replaced.

Luckily, there is the half-eternity type, which maintains the illusion of the original design but with the practicality that the diamonds are placed only in the part of the ring that doesn’t have contact with the surfaces, avoiding future damage. 

We must remind you that you should consider the size of the ring, precisely this design does not allow many modifications in terms of size. If you don't know the measurement, here you will get some tips to get an approximation.

Bypass rings

The bypass ring is an open design where its ends meet at the top. It was created in the Victorian era in order to symbolize the crossing of two paths or two lives.

If you want to give a gift with a poetic touch and very very romantic, choose among these models this anniversary.

Jewelry with rubies

The ruby ​​for its red color symbolizes love and passion. It’s also an excellent option for those who prefer to use more colorful accessories.

With this gem, there are many options that can give great meaning, especially earrings and rings. As an additional fact, the ruby ​​is one of the most resistant gemstones after the diamond, so it is also excellent for daily use.

Celebrate their personality

There is always some aspect of our partner's personality that makes us remember them when we are choosing a gift. On anniversaries, giving them something that is compatible with them lets them know that you know them and that they are important to you.

If, for example, they are someone elegant with simple tastes, a minimalist jewel such as a bracelet with a brilliant diamond is a detail that they will love.

Charms are ideal if your partner is superstitious. There are pendants and earrings in 18k gold and diamonds that have shapes related to protection and luck that can be an excellent options.

For those with a more social lifestyle, a statement piece of jewelry that you can wear to events is an ideal choice.

The essential thing is that it be something that you select thinking about their life, their style, and their personality.

Hearts. A Safe bet.

A heart says it all. It’s a romantic, cute detail that goes with any special date as a couple. There are many design options with this symbol of love. You can choose between daily earrings, rings, or a pendant.

In this case, our selection for you is the 2-in-1 earrings with a heart halo.

This model is very convenient because it includes two styles. You can wear them without the halo or with it depending on the day or even the mood.

What's in it for him?

And yes, we are guilty. A lot of our tips are for men so they can get afor her, but girls, understand, It is that our goal is that you receive the best gift possible! The good news is that we also have options in wedding anniversary gifts for men. 

If your partner usually wears jewelry or has expressed interest in one, surprise him with one this anniversary will be a detail he’ll appreciate.

In this case, we recommend black diamonds. They are very rare and elegant. The designs with this gem have as a result masculine and fine jewelry designs.

Among the most chosen pieces by our customers and that are growing in popularity every day are bracelets and rings.

To summarize…

Anniversaries are a very beautiful and intimate moment for the couple where the important thing is to celebrate that love is still alive. Choose a present that says exactly that and do it feel special.

Happy Anniversary!