5 Ways to know the right ring size.

We’ll give you some guidelines to help you figure out the correct size:

You’ve already decided on the ring. You are one step away from making the purchase and then realize that you have no idea of the size. Whether you buy for yourself or a loved one, the question of whether it will be the correct size is completely natural, especially when making an online purchase.

We’ll give you some guidelines to help you figure out the correct size:

1.Take your measurements at a jewelry store 

If it is not going to be a surprise gift as a proposal, the best and safest way is to go to the jewelry store to take the measurements and find the exact size. Try and go to the jewelry store where you’ll make the purchase since the measuring instruments usually have a small variation between them. If it is not possible, do not worry, the difference is usually not significant.

Take advantage of the visit and ask to calculate the size of several fingers for future purchases.

2.Measure a ring at home

If the ring is to surprise or you simply can’t go to a jeweler to calculate the size, your second best option is to measure the diameter of a ring.

You must first find a ring that fits well on the finger where the new one will go. Remember to take into account the hand where it will be used since the sizes vary between them.

Once you get the ring, put it on a flat surface and with a ruler measure the internal diameter. Try to be as accurate as possible. You can also trace the circle on a piece of paper and then measure it. Lastly, write down the size and compare it to our measurement guide. Done, you got it!

3.Buy a standard size

If you choose a ring design that allows adjustments later, you can resort to buying the ring in size 6.5, which is the most common measure for women in the US. If the person is of average height and weight, this is a good option.

Likewise, we recommend you speak to an advisor before making the purchase with a standard size, so they can guide you as to whether or not it is the right decision.

4.Measure your finger

To measure your finger, you will need a thread, ruler, and scissors. First, you must find a thread that does not stretch; a dental floss is a good option. Paper tape can also work.

Put the thread around the finger above the knuckle, overlap the ends, and cut. If you do it with paper, mark a line where they meet. Now, measure the portion that corresponds to the length of the finger with the ruler and compare it with the measurement table to find the size.

Remember that the thread must be straight, must not tighten, and that the measurement must be done on the knuckle. Ask someone for help to avoid mistakes.

Although this method is common, we do not advise it since there are many factors that could result in an inaccuracy of the size.


  • Always use the available size guide. If you know the number in a different unit of measurement like the one used in Latin America, you can compare and find the one corresponding to the US.

  • If the ring will be a surprise gift, do not leave out the option of asking family and friends if they know the size, it is an easy way to get it without risking the possibility of any mistakes.

  • Consult with our jeweler, who is always ready to help you find the best method to get the number right.

We hope that these tips will help you. Remember that our experts are available to answer any questions, so do not hesitate to contact us.