Custom engravings

We engrave your wedding bands or rings at no additional cost with the personalized message you want.

Traditional engravings

They are the most requested in wedding rings, they include combinations of names and date:

  • Initials and date: A&M dd-mm-yyyy
  • Names and date: Leonel dd-mm-yyyy
  • Nicknames and date: Mati & Ceci dd-mm-yyyy
  • Phrase and date: Together x always dd-mm-yyyy

Fonts and date formats

You can select the font and formats that you like the most.


    Italic letter

The message is completely customizable

Date Formats


Custom designs

In addition to the reference symbols and fonts, you can consult us about other personalized engraving options. Remember that it is your space and you can choose the message with the most meaning for you. The advice is to limit the characters so that it is readable in the available space.