Damián Colombo Warranty

Our designs are made with the finest materials and excellent finishes to achieve the perfect jewelry. Our pieces are created to last a lifetime, so we offer a warranty to accompany them.
  • An unlimited resizing of the ring.
  • Engraving of your jewelry whenever you want, without a deadline.
  • Lifetime cleaning.
  • Repairs and adjustments for manufacturing defects.
  • Replacement of complementary stones, 0.05 ct or less, in case of breakage or loss for 12 months.

All warranty requests are subject to inspection by our workshop where it will be determined if it is a manufacturing defect and meets the Terms and Conditions of our warranty.

Terms and Conditions

  • The warranty does not cover repair of damage due to wear, accidents, or scratches from use. In this case, we will repair the piece at an additional cost.
  • It does not include coverage for losses or thefts.
  • To keep your warranty valid, you must avoid modifications in other jewelry stores or workshops, this includes: resizing, engraving, repair, among others. If you do this, the warranty on your jewelry will be void.
  • The warranty does not include replacement of parts of pieces in case of loss, such as: pendants, parts of earrings, closing systems, among others. In case of requesting a repair within the warranty, the jewelry must be complete.
  • We work with natural stones that have unique qualities, which are reflected in their gemological certificate. When replacing a stone through our warranty, it may have some variations in its characteristics with respect to the original gem, such as: color, inclusions, origin, etc.

Our purpose at Damián Colombo is for you to feel confident knowing that we want your jewelry to always be in perfect condition, so in the event of any damage that is not covered in the terms of the warranty, we can quote its repair and perform it with the quality that characterizes us.

We are here for you!