9 FAQ about engagement rings ¡Solved!

 The moment to buy an engagement ring is a very special one and from the very minute you start looking for information about the ring, doubts about it seem to increase. But don’t worry, we’ve solved them for you!

The moment to look for an engagement ring is a very special one because it means that you have found the person with whom you want to bond your life with. However, it is common to be walking on unknown ground when choosing such an important piece, since in most cases it is the first time that you have to buy an engagement ring or even a jewel with diamonds. 

The truth is that from the moment you start looking for information about the ring, doubts increase. Most of the "rules" that exist come from American culture, in many ways they may be outdated and do not adapt to modern life. This leads us to the first and one of the most frequent questions:

1. How much should I invest?

If we do a quick search, the first answer we will find will be “minimum three salaries”. The truth is, that rule exists thanks to a 1930s advertising campaign by De Beers, one of the oldest and largest diamond companies. They promoted the belief that for a man to show his love he had to spend at least a month's salary on an engagement ring. Over time, the amount increased until it tripled. 

The reality is that imposing a minimum cost has nothing to do with love. The important thing is to choose a piece with meaning. Spending the time to carefully select a ring that you know she will love is priceless. 

The only recommendation to take into account is to invest in quality metals and stones, after all, it’s a piece that they will use every day of their life and that can be even passed on from generation to generation.

2. Should the ring be a surprise?

It is common that if a couple has been in a relationship for a long time, they’ve discussed the possibility of a future marriage, but the moment of the proposal is usually a surprise. 

Every day there are more couples who make the decision to get engaged and go together to choose the engagement ring, but the traditional way is still the most common and the most romantic. 

A survey conducted by Brilliant Earth in 2015 revealed that 65% of women prefer their marriage proposal to be a surprise. 

So if your girlfriend likes romance and movie proposals, this is the right path for you. 

3. How many jewelry stores should I visit before deciding?

Information is now much easier to access than before. We recommend you browse the websites or explore the Social Media accounts of some jewelry stores to filter those that have the styles and designs you are looking for in stock, that way you can decide which ones you want to go to in person to see the rings.

Online advice is also very helpful, you can request that they send you some photos of the rings they offer. You can even provide your budget to receive only those options that are within your means. 

4. How can I understand the 4C's?

The 4C's are the characteristics that are taken into account when evaluating a diamond. They affect the beauty, quality, and value of the stone. 

The first and most popular is the "Carat" or carats, which refers to the weight or size. This totally depends on personal taste and budget. The demand for some weights can also impact the price, for example, 1 ct diamonds are usually in high demand, so just below (0.95 ct) or above (1.05 ct) can be obtained at more proportional prices. 

The second is “Clarity”. It refers to purity. Natural diamonds can have bits of other elements trapped in them when they are formed, known as inclusions. The easiest way to select a good degree of clarity without being an expert is with the naked eye. The inclusions usually look like small black dots or feathers inside the stone, if you can't see them without a magnifying glass, it's probably a good option.

The third is Color. A colorless diamond may have faint yellow undertones. The optimal color (grade D) is completely free of these shades. Here the same rule applies to clarity, if it cannot be seen with the naked eye, it may have a good degree of color. 

The last one is the Cut, here you will have to base yourself on the certificate or the information provided by the jeweler. The cut determines the brightness and therefore the beauty of the stone. Select between the grades Good and Excellent. 

5. If it's going to be a surprise, how can I know the size of the ring?

This is another of the most common questions. There are several ways or techniques to get an approximate size. In this article we explain some. Choose the one that you can execute best and when in doubt, check with the jewelry store if the model you chose can be adjusted after the proposal. 

6. Does it have to be a diamond?

The diamond is the stone that is traditionally chosen for engagement rings. In addition to tradition, this stone symbolizes the eternal, which makes it simply perfect. 

Plus, the diamond, being one of the hardest minerals on Earth, is ideal for daily use, since this quality will allow the stone to maintain its shine and beauty throughout its life. 

There are couples who prefer another precious stone as the protagonist of their engagement ring, but in most cases, the diamond is always present in the design. Trilogy or three-stone rings are an excellent option for those who opt for something different. 

7. Should I negotiate the price?

Some jewelry stores may pay attention to the list price. It doesn't hurt to ask. You can also consult about the financing options available that will allow you to invest a little more if necessary. 

8. How do I choose the right design?

It's normal to panic when hearing about an endless list of design options in terms you don't really understand. 

Our recommendation here is to observe your partner. Notice the type of jewelry they wears. Take note of your preference for the color of gold, if you have a classic or more modern style when dressing. If they like to wear showy or more discreet accessories. Collect all the clues and if you feel equally lost, with some advice from close family and friends you will surely find the right one for her. 

9. And… What happens if they don't like it?

Ask if it is possible to change the ring once the purchase is made. It is likely that if they propose (and the piece is unused), they will give them the possibility to choose between another of the available options. 

Ask before making the purchase, especially if you do not feel completely sure of the design you chose. 

Additionally, we leave you our guide on "How to choose the perfect engagement ring" where you will find the step by step to start planning this important purchase.