Valentine's Days: Great ideas to find the perfect gift!

Love is in the air and surely you want to make a gift to remember. If you have no idea where to start we'll give you a few ideas that can get you going. Some are rather conventional and others are more out of the box, choose the one that is a better fix for you.. and her. 

The most romantic day of the year is nearly here! Love is in the air and what better way to show it than with the perfect gift? Below we share some common ideas and others not so common to surprise your loved one this Valentine's Day:


1. You can have my heart

An infallible classic for this occasion! What could be more romantic than a jewel with the symbol of love most identified worldwide: the heart!


2.You and I Ring

One of the favorite designs of the Victorian era (1830-1860). Also known as bypass, it is a style of ring that represents the path of two lives that meet; like yours and hers! 

3. Endless or Eternity 

The endless represents eternal love, a love that has no beginning or end. Currently, due to the care required to have diamonds around the entire ring, the half endless has begun to be used more, representing the same concept, but requiring less attention and with a more accessible value.



4. Jewels according to the meaning of their stones:

Another option is to choose a design that you think you will like, giving it meaning through the gems! 


Diamond: The representative of eternal love. A jewel that contains this precious stone symbolizes an invincible and lasting love! You can use this day to propose, an engagement ring is an AMAZING Valentine’s gift. 

Ruby: The gem of passion! Any jewelry gift with riubies will symbolize the fire of the relationship.



5.A gift with a meaning

If your partner is someone who usually wears jewelry, see what piece ishe needs or desired. For example, it could be a necklace that matches your earrings or a piece of jewelry that has a special meaning, like her favorite symbol.


 6. Minimalist Jewelry

An option that never fails is minimalist jewelry. That piece of daily use that will accompany her in her day to day, as a constant reminder of the love you feel between them.


 7. The biggest surprise

Did you know that February 14 is one of the most chosen dates to propose marriage? If you feel that the time has come, there is a no better opportunity to take this big step! It will certainly be the most amazing gift for her!



We hope these ideas have inspired you to make this February 14th a special Valentine's Day!! 


Happy Valentine's Day!