Get inspired by this classic yet romantic wedding proposals

It's completely normal to not be thinking straight if you are about to ask her to marry you. Probably right now you can't come up with an original idea to ask the big question. That's why we've compiled the most classic yet very romantic wedding proposals so you can get inspired and get an amazing idea for yours.. and who knows, maybe yours will be the topic of our next article!

The classic romantic dinner:


Picking the right restaurant, her favorite, or one that maybe holds a special meeting like the one you had your first dinner date at. You can ask the staff to help you if you want to surprise her by putting the ring on a glass o champagne or in the desert. 

You must take into account that it will be a very public proposal, so be prepared. Also, you can ask a waiter to record the special moment so you can share it with friends and family later. 

Romantic Tip: Wait until you finish dessert and order a sparkling wine to celebrate. When your girl asks you what they are going to celebrate, you can begin to express everything you feel for her and make her the marriage proposal.

A dream trip:

A romantic weekend getaway or a planned trip is ideal for a dream proposal. A trip represents a family situation in the life of a couple. The daily sharing and enjoying of that special person make it unique. 

Tip: We recommend doing research on the possible most iconic places for both of you that you will be visiting in order to choose one of them and better plan the moment!


For many, the center of their lives is the family and all the moments that are shared with them. Tuesday dinner with the parents, Sunday lunch at the grandparents' house, the monthly meeting of cousins ​​, and so on. For this type of person, a family proposal is the most suitable! On dates like the holidays, they are the ideal moments to take that important step.

Tip: It depends on the personality of both, you can do it at a time when they are alone in the meeting or propose in front of the guests.

At home, something private:

Ideal for those who prefer privacy. In addition, it is a way to make the proposal unexpected.! By doing it in your own intimate space, you can be in control of everything, and the options of being in every detail are greater.

Tip: Create a special climate with candlelight, a delicious dinner accompanied by her favorite drink, and a playlist with the best songs for her.

We hope you have been inspired by our suggestions!! The most important thing is how you express your love toward her. Remember that it will be a moment that will be remember for a lifetime (no pressure).