Should you engrave your wedding rings?

Many couples after choosing the right design for them start wondering if they should or not engrave their wedding rings, and most of them don't really know what to engrave on it. That's totally normal, and the good news is that we are here with some great ideas to help you out

1-Your names and wedding date

The most classic and used option in history! It consists of engraving the name of your partner and the date of the wedding on your wedding rings.

Instead of writing the full name, many choose to engrave their initials or nickname.

The wedding date is usually one of the most popular engravings, it is a great way to commemorate this important moment and, above all, a reminder of the anniversary so none of you forgets!

Another very common alternative is to engrave the initials of both accompanied by the date in both rings. Example: J&M 12-20-2020. 

Tip: Her wedding ring must have his name and vice-versa 

2-Phrases with meanings:

For couples who like to get out of the ordinary! It consists of recording a short phrase that has some meaning between the two of you. You can also add the wedding date is there is any space left. Another lovely idea is the name o part of a song lyric you both love, your relationship song. 


3-The Date you met:

Another option that is becoming popular is to engrave one of the most important moments in the relationship like the date you met! Or maybe the date of your first kiss. There is a lot of o room to be romantically creative. 

4-Significant places:

Every couple has a place that has marked an important moment in the relationship, it can be the place where the proposal occurred or simply the love for a city or country that unites them.


Some choose to place the infinity symbol or a heart accompanied by the couple's name and/or the wedding date.

We hope these options have inspired you! Remember that every idea is valid, the most important thing is that it represents you!