How to pick the perfect gift this holiday season

With these incredible tips you'll find the perfect gift in no TIME!

The holidays are coming! Those days that we all enjoy sharing with our loved ones and spending time remembering all the good times we created throughout the year. This season is the ideal occasion to show that special person who has been with you just how much they mean to you. Here are some tips to surprise them with the perfect gift this holiday season:

1. Be aware of their style: 

The first thing you must do is define who they are and what style they most identify with. Ypu can begin by asking yourself these questions, how do you see them:

  • Are they elegant and glamorous?
  • Are they subtle, but cool?
  • Are they modern or edgy?

2. Observe their preferences:

An essential tip when choosing a gift is to observe the accessories that they usually use, both in their daily life and on special occasions. We advise you to take a look at:

  • Gold color: Most people tend to choose white gold to be safe since it goes with everything. However, most modern people have a tendency to go for rose gold, and the the most classic ones, go for yellow gold.
  • Type of Stone: Do they like colored gems -such as sapphire, ruby ​​, or emerald- or do they prefer colorless stones, like diamonds? This information is very useful when choosing a jewel since it can significantly reduce the search.
  • Type of accessory: Do they use earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings? Or do they have a particular preference?

Pro tip: Most women wear earrings and are fans of rings. Although necklaces and bracelets are still nice gifts that we usually incorporate into her day-to-day.

3. Ask a friend:

There is no better ally than their friends, since they may have important information that can help you on this mission. It is possible that in meetings comments about preferences arise, which become necessary information for moments like this. There is also a great method: Ask their best friend or sister to find out discreetly. All tools are valid!

4. Follow your heart:

It is true that we always seek to please the other person's tastes when making a gift, but it is also important to know that any gift that is given with love and good intentions will always be well received by that person who loves you. So cheers up! Listen to your heart!