What's the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding band?

If you are not sure about the difference between wedding bands and engagement rings, in this article you’ll find the answer

The tough choice was made,  you decide to take the next big step in your relationship and propose to your special person. Now comes the second big step that is just as important as the first, choosing the perfect engagement ring and the wedding bands that will accompany you for the rest of your lives.

Although they are often used together, there is a big difference between engagement rings and wedding bands. We know it sounds confusing but don’t you worry, we’ll explain. 

First things first:

What is an engagement ring?

The engagement ring is the one you buy to propose to your loved one. It is often a gold o platinum ring with a diamond as a central stone. This purchase is mostly secret, so the one who makes the proposal that is traditional is the man, who chooses the ring and plans an event in which he’ll make the big question “would you marry me? “

The moment she or they says “yes” you are now engaged. 

Traditionally this ring is only worn by the woman, but times have changed and now both use one ring that symbolizes engagement.

So, what are wedding bands then?

Wedding bands are rings with the same style used by the couple after they get married. Generally, these rings are chosen by the couple, and they put the ring on each other's fingers during the actual wedding. Is traditionally a simple gold band, but nowadays you can pick a cool design and add stones if you like. This band tells the world that you are married. 

Now that you know the definition of both pieces, we can talk about some additional facts:

  • The engagement ring is a symbol and although the classic design is a ring with one central stone, there are a lot of styles of rings you can choose from. You can even pick a different stone, it does not have to be a diamond. An engagement ring is also passed as an heirloom 
  • The wedding bands are simple rings that both are going to wear for the rest of their lives, so it is important to choose good materials like gold or platinum. Both have to take into account the fact that fashions don’t last for long, so, it is always better to choose a classic band that will look current for a long time. 

We hope this has solved your doubts!

Congratulations on this next step in your life.