The 8 most inspiring marriage proposal from tv and movies

We cannot deny that this year has been very different. Staying home and enjoying our favorite movies and series became a way of taking care of ourselves and others.

We cannot deny that this year has been very different. Staying home and enjoying our favorite movies and series became a way of taking care of ourselves and others.

Although we were couldn’t really witness in person many weddings and big marriage proposals, it has been a comfort to be able to get lost in the world of film and television as an escape to a reality that is full of romance and special moments.

We’ll share with you a list of our favorite film and television marriage proposals to inspire you, prepare yourself, or simply remind you of that moment when it was your turn to live it. We will also play a bit with our imagination and tell you which ring of our designs we think the characters chose to ask the longed-awaited question.

Before we begin we want to warn you that this article may contain spoilers, so if you did not see any of these movies or series, read with caution.

1. Leap Year

Anna decides to propose once and for all to her longtime boyfriend Jeremy in Dublin, where only during the leap year is it well seen that the woman proposes to the man. A storm and the cancellation of the flights leave Anna stranded in a remote town, where Declan, a local with many debts and a bad attitude, agrees to help her get to Dublin to achieve her mission. Their hatred for each other soon turns into love and in the end, they end up together in their own way:

Declan is a simple and not very materialistic guy. We thought he would choose something unconventional but delicate and romantic for Anna:

2. Glee. Will and Emma

During several episodes, this couple captivated us with how much they have in common. They begin with a friendship while Emma secretly falls in love with him.

In season 3, Will finally proposes to Emma in the only way he knows how, putting on a great show:

Although we could get a really good peek at Will’s choice, we think this ring with a floral design and a touch of color would have been an ideal choice for her as well:

3. Fifty Shades Darker. 

Who is not familiar with the story of Ana and Christian? After resolving his conflicts and fear of commitment, Christian proposes to Ana marriage in the simplest of ways. Then, he surprises her with what he calls “a proper proposal”, worthy of the Seattle’s young billionaire:

Although we saw the huge oval diamond ring, Christian knows that Ana is a simple girl with a love for romantic literature, so we think this heart cut diamond ring would suit her as well:

4.The Big Bang Theory. Penny and Leonard.

After several years (or seasons) together Penny gets mad at Leonard claiming that they should get married, to which he responds in a very carefree way that he agrees. What she thought was an attitude of resignation from Leonard annoys Penny only to discover later that he has carried the ring with him for two years waiting for the right moment to ask her:

Leonard is a scientist and we think he did some good research before choosing the ring for Penny. Leonard would choose a halo design to highlight an almost perfect diamond, obviously with a lab certificate:

5. Stepmom

In this classic film starring Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts, one of the most romantic marriage proposals of all time is immortalized. Its simplicity and creativity captivated us when Luke proposed to Isabel, tying a little rope to her finger, where he then slides a ring while explaining how love should prevail even if everything is hanging by a thread:

Isabel is a photographer, she knows the importance of light and brightness. We thought that a three stones design in white gold with a brilliant-cut diamond as the center stone would be the right choice for her:

6. About Time

Tim can travel in time and he does it as many times as necessary to make Mary the perfect proposal, which for her ends up being the simplest of all:

Mary is sweet but she is also determined and funny. Her style is romantic and colorful. We thought for her, a delicate but unique ring with a marquise-cut Fancy Yellow diamond as the center stone:

7. Downtown Abbey

The story of Mary and Michael full of conflicts of interest takes shape after a conversation where both admit that they must remain together. She, however, doesn’t say Yes until Michael ask the traditional way on one knee:

Due to the time and the nobility of the family, we think that Michael would choose for Mary a piece with many details and unique stones:

8. Friends. Chandler and Monica.

Monica tries to surprise Chandler after ruining his plans and they ended up making a mutual proposal, gifting us one of the most beloved scenes on television:

Fans of the series know that Monica is a control freak and she knew exactly the ring she wanted, which Chandler goes to great lengths to get: three stones rings with diamonds and sapphires. We decided to give it a twist and choose the sapphire as the center stone accompanied by two baguette diamonds:

We can end by saying that all proposals are right as long as you get to know your partner. It can be simple and private or with huge production and rehearsal behind, any form will surely be perfect if you have already found the right person.