Fascinating facts about black diamonds that will blow your mind

Here are some interesting facts that you probably didn’t know about the wonderful Fancy Black diamonds:

When we think about diamonds, we usually imagine a crystalline and colorless stone with intense sparkle and hardness, and although most diamonds are within this category, there are also those naturally colored with incredible shades.

These diamonds, known as Fancy Diamonds, are very rare, extremely beautiful, and as amazing and it sounds, can be found in nature in all kinds of brilliant and dark colors. 

Among them are the incredible Black Diamonds, which have been growing in popularity due to their enigmatic color, their versatility in the design of men's jewelry, and the elegance and style that they bring to any piece.

Here are some interesting facts that you probably didn’t know about the wonderful Fancy Black diamonds:

A cool nickname

Black diamonds have higher levels of carbon in their structure than other diamonds, which is why they are also known as Carbonados.

Better impure

Most fancy diamonds get their color from molecules of other elements that got trapped within their crystalline structure, but in the case of black diamonds, their dark color is due to inclusions within the crystal, mostly of graphite particles. The radiation to which the stones were exposed during their formation also contributes to their elegant color.

They were outcasted

In the past, black diamonds were not attractive for jewelry and were discarded or used in industrial processes due to their hardness. Over time, the need to innovate led to use them in the development of incredible jewelry pieces that fascinated consumers.

Unique inside out

They have a polycrystalline structure, which means that they’re formed by the union of tiny crystals instead of a single piece like all diamonds.

Metallic Look

Black diamonds have a high luster and mostly have no spark, achieving the perfect combination for a metallic look.

Don’t play by the 4 C’s

As their shade is caused by impurities and they only have one color grade, Carbonados are graded taking into account only the cut and carat weight. Although if the color is not evenly distributed within the crystal it can affect its value.

Freaky Famous

The most famous black diamond, the Black Orlov, is known for the mystery surrounding the deaths of its former owners, all in weirdly similar conditions. The story says that the stone of this extravagant necklace was stolen from a statue of a Hindi God which led to the belief that this jewel was cursed. Its last owner, Harry Winston jewelry, had to re-cut in order to break the dark spell.

Hands of stars

The popularity of black diamonds grew when it was chosen as the center stone in the engagement rings of personalities such as Carmen Electra and Kat Von D. It also played an important role in the popular movie Sex and the City 2, precisely in the ring of the main character Carrie Bradshaw.

ET Origins

There is a theory that this gem came from outer space in an asteroid that collided several years ago. This would explain why they aren’t formed within the earth's mantle like the rest of the diamonds and why it has only been mined in two specific areas of the earth, Brazil and Central Africa.

Thanks to their great look, origins, and history, we can say that Blacks are the badasses of diamonds.