Wedding bands: 6 keys to pick the perfect one for you.

Choosing the rings for you and your partner is one of the many things in the to-do list when planning a wedding, but this moment can be very pleasant if both of you take the time to navigate through the options and into defining the style you both want.

Here we’ll explain 5 things you should consider to start the adventure of choosing wedding bands:

1.Time is gold

Maybe you thought “this will only take a short visit to the jewelry store”, think again. it’s not that simple. Wedding bands require size adjustments, customization and if you want an exclusive design, the making of it may take longer than expected: that is why it should not be left to the last minute!

Many couples begin their search four to five months before the wedding. Ideally, you should calmly explore your options together to avoid making a hasty decision.

2. Set a budget

Knowing how much you can invest will allow you to browse through the options available within your budget. It’s essential to choose high-quality materials, the ring must be robust to avoid damage and deformation to which it’s exposed as it is a jewel you will wear everyday for the rest of your life. 

3. Explore your options

Before, choosing wedding rings was a simple task: a gold band, exactly the same for the groom and the bride. Today, this has changed. A wide variety of designs, metals, gemstones, and more are available to choose from. To start narrowing down the options, you can:

  • Begin deciding your metal preferences. Gold is the traditional choice. It comes in three colors (yellow, white and rose) that you can combine in the same design and is also very resistant.

  • There is no rule that says both bands must be identical. You will use these rings every day, so it must fit with the style of each person. Bottom line: it's okay if, for example, he wants white gold and she prefers rose gold.

  • Take your lifestyle into account. If either of you works with your hands, plays an instrument or a sport, you may want to experiment with different thicknesses and widths until you find one that feels comfortable enough.

  • Explore different options before deciding. The idea is that you try on something bold, out of the ordinary. Most couples don't dare to choose a risky design for fear that it will go out of style soon, but this is an unlikely scenario, and if it happens, you can always refresh them or change them in  an anniversary the future and think of it as renewing your vows.

  • Decide if you want to add a gem. Wedding rings for her can be accompanied by one or more diamonds to symbolize a love that will last forever. For him, you could ask for black diamonds and give it a personal touch. You can even associate the number of stones with some meaning. For example, the number of years you’ve been together.

  • For her: consider whether you will wear your wedding ring alone or with the engagement ring. As both are worn on the same finger, you should look for a design that complements it.

    4. Wedding Bands’ styles

These are the most popular wedding band’s style available in the market today:


It’s a traditional gold band, flat and D shape are the most common. It has no major ornaments or complex settings. They are ideal for couples looking for a sober and timeless look. Adding a minimalist detail like a tiny diamond for her will give it a special touch:


These are innovative design rings that break the mold. You will find a wide variety of these types of wedding bands since they are currently in high demand. Everyday more and more couples look for something unique and special that reflects their own style and personality.  

Fancy black diamonds are an excellent complement if the groom wants a modern and masculine piece that contrasts with the delicate colorless diamonds of the bride to be:

Play with textures for an original look:

These rings are the perfect classic and stylish mix:


An eternity ring is a band surrounded by an infinite circle of diamonds. It has a very special meaning because it symbolizes that love will be endless. It is usually for her since it’s a more feminine design:


If you are looking for a custom design, you must present the idea with all the details that you both want to the jeweler, who will work on a sketch with all the requirements for you to approve. Once that’s done he will start making the rings.  

A combination of colors, gemstones, textures, engrave a message on the surface, the sky's the limit. You just need to have a little imagination and talk with your jeweler who will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the choices you are making. Bringing in a drawing or photo can help explain exactly what you want your finished rings to look like.

Customizing a piece already available in the jewelry is also an option. Most jewelry stores are generally open to allow all the changes the couple demands.

5. The engraving

It’s a tradition for  couples to engrave their names and the date of the wedding inside the wedding rings. She, his name or initials, and he, hers. It is a romantic gesture that also helps to identify the pieces and unify the rings.

Today, many couples choose to engrave messages with a more special meaning. It can be a line from a poem or the name of a song that you both like. Adding symbols such as a heart shape or an infinity is also an original alternative.

6.The size of the rings

Some say that the ring finger of the left hand has a direct connection with the heart and that is why the wedding band is worn on it.

The measurement of the ring must be done very carefully,  it is important that it fits comfortably, but at the same time that it’s secured on the finger.

Here are some tips:

  • Go together to have the measurements taken at the same jewelry store where you’ll buy the bands, this is a very important step to ensure a perfect fit. 

  • Avoid going first thing in the morning or after exercising. Water retention or swelling can cause sizing errors.

  • Body temperature is also important. If you are very cold or hot, the fingers may expand or contract.

  • Put the ring on and try writing or texting, that way you’ll see if it’s comfortable to do everyday activities.

  • A trick to know if it is too big or small is how it moves through the knuckle; the ring should enter without little difficulty but should not slide or turn when changing the hand position.

It’s time to start your search for the perfect wedding bands. Congratulations on the beginning of this new stage of your lives!