July’s Ruby: The King of Gems

Ruby is July’s birthstone. The jewels with this impressive gem stand out for their striking color and are full of meaning and love.

Considered the king of Gems, the ruby is one of the rarest and most valuable among all precious stones, its appearance gives an air of luxury and royalty.

It’s just after the diamond, the hardest stone, and this is why it can be worn any type of jewelry, from everyday earrings to rings, without the worry of damage. 

Its color represents love, courage, and passion, making it an excellent choice for gifts charged with feelings. Besides being July’s birthstone, it is the traditional gift to celebrate the 15th and 40th couple’s anniversary.

Meeting the Red King

As it’s July’s birthstone, we’ll tell you seven facts about this beautiful gem: 

  1. The name Ruby comes from the Latin Rubeus which translates to red.

  2. It's the family of the sapphire since both are corundum. The difference between them is basically the color.

  3. They’ve been mined in various parts of the world, but their main producer is Myanmar (former Burma).

  4. Its red color can vary depending on its place of origin. Those extracted in Burma, Myanmar, are known thanks to their deep red color as "pigeon blood".

  5. Almost all rubies are treated to enhance their color.

  6. It was the first gem to be synthesized.

  7. In Asia, people used to bury these gems in the building's foundation for protection.


For centuries the Ruby has been present in numerous myths and stories that tell about the protection it grants and its healing properties.

This stone was used by members of the nobility as a sign of luxury and power. The warriors embedded it in their armor as they firmly believed that it would protect them during battle. It’s also one of the 12 gems mentioned in the bible, where it was cherished for the protection and wisdom it grants to its wearer.

On a spiritual level, improves vitality; on a physical level, enhances beauty, and on an emotional level, can lead to romance.

Its fierce red color has always been associated with love and passion. It’s used as a good luck charm for those born in July since it provides them with positive energies and it’s said that rubies can take sad feelings to ease away. 

The truth is that, beyond the long list of symbolism that surrounds it, the ruby’s exceptional beauty will undoubtedly bring happiness to whoever receives it

Ruby Gifts

If you are looking to make a gift filled with emotions, ruby jewelry is your best choice. For someone whose birthday is in July or as a gift for your partner, you’ll find a wide variety of options with rubies to choose from.

The important thing is to pick an accessory that goes with the style of who will wear it. If it’s for your partner; a ruby ring or necklace will have a more romantic meaning. If you are looking to surprise your mother or a family member with their birthstone, earrings and bracelets are a better alternative.

Will give you some ideas to inspire you:

If she has more of a classic and elegant taste, she’ll love a pair of ruby earrings and necklace:

If her style is modern and bold, a ruby ring with a twist will do:

Any option with this gem will be a gift full of the most sincere feelings. Our ruby jewelry collection offers you options to suit all styles.