Jewelry and Gem Guide for Special Anniversaries

Although every year with your partner is worthy of celebration, milestones anniversaries are held every five years and require a little extra attention when choosing a gift.

Anniversaries are the celebration of life as a couple. With each passing year, the bonds of the union get stronger and the commitment to the person you love solidifies. That is why, the gifts to commemorate these days, must be full of romance and meaning.

Every year is usually tied to materials, with which the gift should be made. For example, on the paper anniversary, you should buy a book or write a letter.

But instead of relying on the typical rules of etiquette, we offer you these jewelry options with which you’ll make the memory of this day original and lasting, without losing the traditional touch.

Just as materials, gemstones and precious metals also have a special meaning per year, here is a guide with the most important ones:

1st Year Anniversary


In the first year, the relationship is still young. Little by little, the couple adapts and strengthens the bond. Gold is the metal used for this first year. A necklace or bracelet made of this material is an ideal option to start the tradition of celebrating important days with jewelry.

Tip: Paper is the material for the first year. Include a letter or a book for a traditional touch. 

5th Year Anniversary


The relationship is established with strong roots. The couple becomes more and more solid. To celebrate this important milestone, make a jewelry gift that includes sapphires in its design. Sapphires can come in radiant blue color, and also in a wide variety of shades, such as: pink and yellow.

Tip: Surprise her with an arrangement of daisies, the flower of the fifth anniversary.

10th Year Anniversary


A decade together deserves a jewel that sparks intensely. Diamonds are the stone for the tenth anniversary. A diamond ring is a favorite option on this occasion, but there is a wide variety of diamond jewel to choose from. 

Tip: Daffodils are the flowers for this anniversary. They are associated with rebirth and joy. Surprise with an arrangement that includes these beautiful flowers

15th Year Anniversary


This beautiful gem is associated with life force and passion. Its intense red color is the perfect declaration of love to celebrate fifteen years of life together. Rubies can be adapted to any type of jewelry from pendants to rings.

Tip: Roses are the flowers of the fifteenth anniversary. Add a bouquet of 15 red roses for an extra touch.

20th Year Anniversary


Twenty years together deserves a big celebration. The emerald is known for its special meaning. It’s often called the “stone of successful love”. A jewel with emeralds not only adds color but can also symbolize your relationship getting stronger with the years. Earrings with this gem are perfect to be worn on any occasion.

Tip: Aster flowers to celebrate two decades together.

25th Year Anniversary

Silver Anniversary

Silver anniversary. A quarter of a century together! Its name implies that jewelry with this metal must be given, but in reality, there is no established rule. Pieces in White Gold or Platinum are an excellent option to commemorate this important day.

Tip: Lilies are the 25th-anniversary flower.

Now that you know what is the right gift,  look through our options to find the perfect one for your partner.