9 Creative ways to surprise her this Valentine's days

Sometimes we make so much effort in finding the perfect gift that we forget to make the moment somehow special. Remember that the memory of the moment is more important than the gift itself. Here we'll share with you some ideas to make this Valentine's day memorable. 

  1. A surprise road

Write a note that says “follow the petal road” and leave it in a visible place at the entrance of the house. As soon as they open the door, she will be able to see the path of petals that you made, that will take them to where the real surprise is: the gift… and you, of course.

PS: You can replace the petals with one of their favorite candies or chocolates.

2- A meaninful place

All couples have this special place where they did something for the first time. Maybe is the kitchen table, where you cooked together a meal or the sofa where you usually watch movies and spend quality time together. You can choose a corner of your house that you know holds a special meaning and give them the gift there. It is important to tell them or show them why you are chosen this place to give them the gift. That’s what will make it special. It could be something like: “here in the place where we first kiss, I want to give you something to remember”. 

It has to come from your heart. This is a very sweet and simple way to make a gift even more memorable. 




3- Your song

Well, if you are one of those couples who has a special son that when you both hear it you say together “our song” this is for you. 

You can plan a little private dance together or maybe play it in the car to create a mood. It will be simple, yet very romantic. 

Tip: if you play a instrument and can sing it to them will be 10 out of 10. 

4- A special meal

Dare to cook their favorite dish! Add it to an incredible gift and it will be an unforgettable night for them. If you don't get the kitchen, don't worry! Delivery food will always be an ally on these occasions. Good Luck!

5- Unexpectedly

For the spontaneous there is no better way to deliver a gift than when they least expect it. An evening walk, a bike ride, after a day of training or in bed before going to sleep. If you're that unpredictable, follow your heart! She will appreciate your nature and of course the gift!

6- Mr Bartender

, what is your favorite drink? Invite her to a private bar in your home, where they will be the star guest and you will be the host of the night. Have the ingredients on hand to make her favorite cocktails and take advantage of the best occasion to deliver the gift.

7- For the romantics

Invite her to the terrace or balcony to contemplate the universe under the light of the candles. Form a heart with them and leave the chosen gift in the center. Cover her eyes and take her to that place, so that when they gets there, they’ll get a romantic surprise.


8- Dirty dancing

There are all kinds of couples! Among them are those who like life and dance. What better way for them than to deliver a gift during a dance? Totally unexpected and will fill the evening with laughter and memories to last a lifetime!


9- A sentimental letter

A very simple but meaningful way is to express in your own handwriting what you feel for her in a love letter. It is your moment to say what you most admire about her, what are your dreams with her and even remember the most appreciated moments together. Leave the letter and the gift together in a place in the house that you know she will notice on her own! For example, it can be on top of their pillow.

We hope our note has inspired you and that the delivery of this gift will be a couple's memory for a lifetime!

Happy Valentines!