Sapphires: September’s birthstone

If you were born in September, sapphires are your birthstone, discover all about this stunning colored gem.

Sapphire is one of the most popular gemstones, known for being the favorite of royalty and clergy members.

This stone is also very romantic as it has been the main character of a modern fairy tale when Charles, the Prince of Welsh, proposed to Lady Diana Spencer with a 12-carat oval sapphire ring surrounded by a halo of diamonds, which now owned by The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton.

Sapphires are a direct family of rubies, both are corundum and the only difference between them is color. All corundums that are not red are considered sapphires.

It’s the birthstone of September and it’s said that it provides protection and health to whoever wears it. It is also the gem to commemorate the 5th and 45th wedding anniversary.

This gem besides being cute is incredibly resistant, with a 9 on the Mohs scale it is only surpassed in hardness by diamond, so it can be used frequently without fear of damage or of wearing it out.

Although the most popular is blue, sapphires can be found in all possible colors, with the exception of red, which is considered a ruby.

Getting to know sapphires

For being September birthstones, we’ll tell you nine facts about this interesting gem:

  1. The word Sapphires derives from the Greek "sappheiros" which translates to blue.

  2. In the Middle Ages, it was believed it cured eye diseases. Charles V, King of France in the 14th century, wore a gold-encrusted sapphire to give his eyes healing touches.

  3. Some sapphires present a phenomenon called color change, the stone looks a different color depending on the light conditions.

  4. Blue sapphires were preferred in church jewelry for their heavenly like color.

  5. Among the rarest and most expensive sapphires is the padparadscha sapphire, the name translates to "lotus flower", its color is similar to salmon, between pink and orange.

  6. In ancient times, all blue stones were considered sapphires. Those that presented greater hardness were known as "oriental sapphires".

  7. In the case of blue sapphires, their color is due to the presence of iron and titanium within the crystal.

  8. The origin of a sapphire can be guessed from the characteristics of its color, although it is not an exact process, each region usually produces blues with distinctive tones and intensities.

  9. Due to their hardness, sapphires are also intended for industrial purposes. High-end watches such as Rolex and Patek Philippe use crystal made from sapphires to avoid scratches on their surface.


The history of sapphires dates back more than 2000 years, its symbolism, meanings, and properties are as long and diverse as their trajectory.

In ancient Greece and Rome, it was believed that it protected whoever wore it against envy and jealousy. The Mayans claimed that this gem allowed them to command the spirits and predict the future and the Persians were sure that the earth rested on a large sapphire and that was the reason the sky is blue.

Those who could afford it used it to heal diseases ranging from fever to even as an antidote for some poisons.

On the spiritual level, sapphires symbolize truth, fidelity, sincerity, and nobility. Engagement rings represent a surrender to your soulmate.

People who celebrate their birthdays in September can wear a jewel with this gem for protection and for good fortune.

Sapphire Gifts

Sapphire jewelry is an excellent gift if you are looking to dazzle that special someone. You have a rainbow of options that will allow you to choose her favorite color or associate a shade with a special message.

As a gift for your partner, a ring of blue sapphire and diamonds is an ideal choice. You will also find them in yellow and pink, you can see which color goes best with her personality and surround her with this beautiful gem.

An elegant necklace is ideal if you are looking for something that she can wear on all occasions. It'll fit with every look and will stand out for their brightness and originality.

Earrings are a must and a woman can never have enough of them! So with this option, you will not fail.

Remember that the most important thing when giving a gift is to add meaning. A sapphire jewel will be undoubtedly unforgettable.