5 ideas for an amazing proposal during a pandemic.

We’ll share 5 ideas so you don't have to wait any longer and finally pop the question to your better half:

This year has been full of unforeseen events that have led us to change or postpone all of our plans. Perhaps you had thought of making a marriage proposal during a trip or in the company of family and friends and have refused to look for other options hoping that everything goes back to normal, but the reality is that the time in which we must stop taking precautions due to the pandemic is still unknown and the best we can do is adapt to this new lifestyle.

The solution is to be a little creative to make an amazing proposal and at the same time take care of ourselves and others.

We’ll share 5 ideas so you don't have to wait any longer and finally pop the question to your better half:

  1. A picnic outside

Take advantage of the last warm days and organize a picnic or lunch outside. Remember to bring her favorite food and snacks to share. Here is an idea: ask a friend to be your accomplice and film from a distance the moment of the proposal so you can keep the memory forever and even share it with your loved ones. 

  1. Bring the restaurant to the roof

If you have access to a roof and it’s allowed to hang out there, this option is for you. Decorate it with a table and lights just like her favorite restaurant. Order the food and invite her to a surprise dinner. Don't forget to set the scene with a little music and a good bottle of champagne to toast after she says Yes!

  1. Zoom Party Proposal

If you were waiting to share this moment with your loved ones, you can organize the meeting online. One idea is to call everyone and have them connect without her knowing it as if it was a hidden camera. Make the proposal in front of the computer so that everyone can witness the special moment. She’ll be surprised to see that everybody is there. You can all toast together after.

Another idea is to plan a video meeting with friends by zoom and that at some point during the call everyone shows a piece of paper to the camera that forms the question Would you marry me? She will read it and at that moment you’ll be on one knee. 

  1. A Surprising Hike

If you both have a love for nature and access to a place where physical activity is allowed, you can ask her to go for a walk or run with you, and then, when she least expects it, in a place with a beautiful view, you pop the question.

Remember to prepare some words to make it most romantic. If, on the other hand, you prefer the city, plan a visit to your favorite spot outdoors and propose there. Remember that it may be busier and perhaps less intimate. 

  1. Movie Night

Make a video with all the photos and video memories that you have been collecting in your relationship. Add a song that has meaning for both of you and at the end a frame with the marriage proposal.

Then, invite her to watch a movie, this is for sure an activity that has become routine during quarantine, so she will not expect what will appear on the tv screen.

We hope you’ll be now motivated by these ideas and ask her to be your wife. In the end, love conquers all!