Surprise Her With Diamonds: Gift Ideas for that Special Date.

The day is coming and you want to find the perfect present to make it unforgettable. Diamonds scream love and the jewels with this stone are full of sentimental value that can be cherished forever.

The day is coming and you want to find the perfect present to make it unforgettable. Diamonds scream love and the jewels with this stone are full of sentimental value that can be cherished forever.

You can make any anniversary, birthday, or important moment with your loved one, even more memorable. Choosing a diamond jewel leaves no room for mistakes. Many relate this stone only with engagement rings, but there is a wide variety of beautiful options ideal to give on these special moments.

Here we’ll give you three options per category of the most outstanding and fashionable diamond jewelry to fit any style. We encourage you to make a gift that will last forever.

Diamonds Earrings

From small hoops to pendant earrings, there is one for every taste. Choose the one you think is right for your partner, either for its meaning or because it is more fitting to her character. 

Here are some options to choose from:

  • Earring Jackets: The studs are the perfect match for a discrete and elegant look. They are an accessory for everyday wear and are a must-have in the jewelry box. Its removable trim allows it to fit to any occasion.

  • Pendant Earrings: Elegant and timeless. Ideal to wear when it's time to celebrate.

  • Heart-Shape Earrings: Fresh and romantic, these earrings add a touch of tenderness and profess affection.

See all the diamonds earrings designs that we have available just for you.

Eternity Rings

Also known as Infinity rings, It's one of the favorite gifts for anniversaries. Diamonds arranged in an infinite loop are the reflection of a love that will last forever. You can find them in many colors and designs to suit your partner's personality.

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Classic Eternity Ring: Minimalist and unique. This precious ring can be worn on any occasion.

  • Eternity Ring with a twist: Brilliant-cut diamonds arranged in different designs to form an endless circle. It’s an alternative to the classic model if you are looking for something modern. 

  • Zigzag Eternity Ring: Two bands of sparkling diamonds intertwine in a delicate zig-zag. This type of ring makes a statement. It can symbolize the union of two lives.

Take a look at our  Eternity Rings’ selection.

Diamonds Necklaces

Diamonds necklaces are an elegant and classic option. You can choose something simple or take a risk with an extravagant design. This is a present that she can forever wear very close to her heart. 

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Brilliant Cut Diamond Necklace: Various round-cut diamonds forming attractive designs. It has a fine and delicate style that is appropriate for day and night use.

  • Heart-Shape Pendant: A heart pendant made of tiny brilliant-cut diamonds. You can personalize it by choosing a colored diamond. Express your love with a lovable stunning necklace like this. 

  • Princess-Cut Diamond Pendant: An alternative and elegant cut, necklaces with this piece are a delicate sign of love.

Haven’t found a necklace that suits your gift? Browse here for more necklaces options.

Diamonds Bracelets

Whether your better half is modern, glamorous, trendy, or classic, there is an ideal bracelet for her. Diamonds bracelets can fit all personalities. Her wrist will shine with this spectacular display of affection.

Take a look at these three options we choose for you:

  • Bracelet with brilliant-cut diamonds: for a woman who likes a classic and minimalist look. Delicate and discreet but with a lot of sparkles, it can be worn on any occasion.

  • Tennis Bracelet: It is an ideal piece, for an elegant and contemporary look. It has round cut stones arranged in a row from start to finish. You can add a distinctive touch by choosing colored gems, for example, Fancy Black diamonds.

  • Diamond Bolo Bracelet: Modern and practical, this bracelet fits all wrist sizes and its elegant design can fit almost any look as well. 

In our exclusive selection of bracelets, there are more options to choose from for that special person.

The Spark of the Little Things

While diamond jewelry is a perfect gift by definition, the meaning and level of detail will add sparkle to any piece. 

Remember that the jewel has to say something. Choose the pieces that match her style and personality, and put a little effort into presenting it to her in a way she won’t forget. Make the memory of this gift as durable as the stone that stars it.